Membership Terms and Conditions


1. Admittance into membership 

1.1. An application for membership shall be taken as irrefutable proof of assent to be bound by the Rules and Regulations for the time being of the Association as interpreted by the Certified Locksmiths Association whose directions therein shall be final and binding on members of the Association.

1.2. Certified Locksmiths Association may at its absolute discretion and without giving reasons, decline to admit any person to membership.

1.3. Possession of an apparently valid membership card is not proof of membership and the lack of a membership card does not indicate that no valid membership exists.  


 2. Membership Term


2.1. Certified Locksmith Association memberships run for periods of twelve months.


2.2. Memberships run from the date where paperwork and payment terms are exchanged, accepted and signed. It is at this point you are admitted into membership. 


2.3. A member whose subscription is in arrears for three months shall automatically cease to be a member.


2.4. Herein after, the remainder of the membership fee becomes payable to complete the 12 month terms.   



3. Membership renewals

3.1. The membership will automatically renew at the end of the 12 month term and a renewal letter will be posted no less than 30 days before the renewal date.


3.2. Those who pay a subscription having previously resigned or been lapsed from membership, for whatever reason, will be re-enrolled as though they are new members. Their membership will not be continuous and the application process must be completed once again.  



4. Termination of membership


4.1. Members who resign are removed from membership with effect from the date on which their membership term ends. All benefits and rights cease at that time. Members who resign have no entitlement to receive any subscription refund.


4.2. Members who advise the Association that they will not be renewing will be removed from membership with effect from the date on which their paid-up membership term expires (12 months from acceptance), at which time all benefits and rights will cease. 


4.3. Certified Locksmiths Association reserves the right to cancel membership at any time following a complaints or legal enquiry. 


4.4. Membership can not be cancelled within the first 12 months of membership. After this point 1 full calendar month notice is required.



5. Subscriptions and fees 


5.1. The rate of membership fees payable is £10.00 per calendar month.


5.2. The rate of membership fees applies on the date on which the application for membership is received.


5.3. The rate of subscription payable by members renewing is that which applies on the date on which their renewal falls due not the date on which renewal is affected. 



6. Insurance cover


6.1. All members must hold their own liability insurance policies.


6.2. All members must hold indemnity insurance if required.


6.3. The Certified Locksmith Association will not be held accountable for insurance claims for damage caused while working as a member of the Association. 



7. Instalment payments 


7.1. With effect from 1 November 2015, those holding membership are required to enter into an arrangement to pay their subscription in instalments by bank direct debit.


7.2. The Association reserves the right to refuse any application or re-application to pay subscriptions by instalments and shall be under no obligation to provide the applicant with any explanation of its decision. 


7.3. Under instalment payment arrangements subscriptions may be increased by the addition of administration charges reflecting the additional cost of allowing members to spread the cost of their membership.


7.4. Entry into an instalment payment arrangement constitutes an agreement to pay the whole of the due subscription including all applicable administration charges. If a member who has entered into a phased payment arrangement fails to make the due payments on the specified dates and in the specified amounts and does not remedy this failure within three months of the payments falling due then his or her membership will be deemed terminated with effect from the date on which the first unpaid instalment fell due. 


8. Working Requirements


8.1. Each member must be competent as a commercial and domestic locksmith as a minimum.


8.2. You must follow a set pricing structure for labour charges.


8.3. You must follow a set pricing structure for call out charges.


8.4. You must follow a set pricing structure for stock.


8.5. You must offer a free estimate service.


8.6. No more than 1 hour labour can be charged for sourcing parts for a customer.


8.7. You must maintain contact with the customer until they are satisfied the job has been completed to a high standard.


8.8. Customer complaints must be dealt with in a professional and efficient way.  


8.9. If working with vulnerable people then the necessary CRB check must be valid.  



9. Copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights


9.1. All materials presented on the website, unless specifically indicated otherwise, is under copyright to Certified Locksmiths Association. The contents of the website are freely downloadable for browsing purposes only and may not be reproduced in whole or in part or otherwise made available without the prior written consent of the Association.


9.2. In addition, none of the materials on the website may be copied, altered in any way, or transmitted or distributed to any other party without the prior express written permission of the Association. 


9.3. All registered trade marks used on the website are trade marks of Certified Locksmiths Association. All other Intellectual Property Rights (including, without limitation, unregistered trade marks, trade names and logos, all database rights, rights in designs, rights in know-how, patents and rights in inventions (in all cases whether registered or unregistered and including all rights to apply for registration) and all other intellectual or industrial property rights in any jurisdiction) in any information, content, materials, data or processes contained in or to the website belong to Certified Locksmiths Association or its licensed source. Certified Locksmiths Association Intellectual Property Rights are hereby reserved.